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  • Art is not just a production, it is a form of communication, between artist and audience, even if you never see them.

    Not just that: art is a way of enriching how we experience our being in the world, for both artist and audience. It expresses aspects of lived experience that are not obvious but run deep in making us what we are, and it helps us realize ways of understanding life that we cannot otherwise access. It’s communication not just between artist and audience but also between ourselves and our world. If we lump it all under the ugly category of “content” and hand its production over to machines, artists can no longer survive while practising their art, human insight suffers, and we are all impoverished.

  • Am I likely to be annoyed about where the fiber comes into the house?

    That one depends on the company installing it. When I got it installed they asked me exactly where I wanted the fiber to terminate and ran it through the house to an outlet under my desk. So let them know and they might put it where you need it.

    As for the router, I recommend buying a mini PC with at least 2 Ethernet ports and 4GB of RAM and running OPNsense. It’s great and will give you all the control you need. Or you can repurpose any old PC you have lying around and just add some Ethernet ports on a PCIE card.

  • My favorite Windows drag-and-drop feature is that if ever I drag a file over the left pane of Explorer on its way to another window, the whole thing freezes up for a minute or so. I think it’s polling all the network drives just in case I might decide to drop it there, and since my NAS is turned off (it broke) it just waits until the connection times out. Of course in traditional Microsoft style this locks up the UI thread. I have to remember to drag everything off to the right and then go around.

  • Asked if the men in the water had shown any signs of hostility toward Israeli forces, he told CBS News: “They were fishermen. They were fishing.”

    When asked about the incident, which Elder first reported in an Instagram post, the Israel Defense Forces asked for an exact location and said it was looking into the claim.

    Another day, another war crime. I can’t imagine the anger and helplessness these families must feel, seeing these assholes kill their loved ones for no reason other than their genocidal hatred and enjoyment of killing.

  • I think the main take on this is to learn the lesson that it is not safe to install random software you come across online. Is this lesson new, though?

    I think people often have a vaguely formed assumption that plugins are somehow sandboxed and less dangerous. But that all depends on the software hosting the plugin. There was a recent issue with a KDE theme wiping a user’s files which brought this to light. We can’t assume plugins or themes are any less dangerous than random executables.

  • I’ve been programming for almost 25 years and I’d still rather see too many comments than too few. A dogmatic obsession with avoiding comments screams “noob” just as much as crummy “add 1 to x” comments. If something is complex or non-obvious I want a note explaining why it’s there and what it’s supposed to do. This can make all the difference when you’re reviewing code that doesn’t actually do what the comment says it should.