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  • That is exactly it. Antisemites figured out a while back that they could say whatever they want about Jews as long as they swap out the word Zionist. This has been a feature of white supremacy for ages. It used to be “people with big noses” or “people who wear hats” or even “bankers,” or “globalists.” The latter two are more similar to the use of “Zionist” because they represent actual groups that people criticize. That gives more cover to the actual antisemites.

    This is actually a good thing, because it removes that cover from bigots who want to hijack the movement and hide behind it.

  • It’s true that Biden really put her in a corner. She hasn’t really been able to differentiate herself in a meaningful way, and maybe that was strategic. It’s not that uncommon for vice presidents, but usually there is at least some distinctive role or signature issue that the VP works on.

    Biden acted as an informal whip in Congress and as a diplomat in some international issues as VP. Pence acted as a media surrogate to the religious right, and as an advisor on appointments. I think he was once considered the most powerful VP of all time.

    Harris reminds me of Veep, the Julia Dryfus show. I can’t recall a single signature issue or import role she has played in the past four years.